Artificial Intelligence vs. Human Intelligence in Law

While artificial intelligence technology is revolutionising the way lawyers practice law, it isn’t going to replace them, particularly those involved in litigation. Years of advanced education, intuitive reasoning based on hands-on experience, and the ability to toss about ideas with other colleagues to uncover inconspicuous relationships within facts and case [...]

Commitment to Continuous Improvement

A key mission for Opus 2 is to streamline workflows and create new efficiencies for legal teams, legal support professionals and law firm IT professionals. How do we do accomplish this important task? We listen to our clients. Subsequent to the valuable feedback gained from frequent discussions with our users, [...]

Additional Licensing Options for US Clients

“One size fits all” may be fine for caps and umbrellas, but not for software. That is why Opus 2 International offers three different licensing options to our US clients who want to take advantage of our world-class transcript management and case analysis software. As a proactive and client-centric software [...]

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Improving the Practice of Law from Case Inception to Resolution

Opus 2 Magnum has gained incredible momentum since its debut during the landmark case Berezovsky v Abramovich in 2011.  Due to its clear value both in the trial preparation phase and at the trial itself, Magnum is now used on nearly all large-scale litigation and arbitration in the UK and [...]

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