Be a Racing Yacht, Not an Oil Tanker

As a young man, I began a career as a court reporter in the UK. I knew there had to be a smarter, faster and more efficient way to manage transcripts. So, I embarked upon a journey that would eventually revolutionise the field of litigation services with an easy-to-use software known as LiveNote. In 2006, I sold the LiveNote company to Thomson Reuters and settled down to enjoy la dolce vita at my property in Italy!   However, as much as I loved my retirement, I believed there was another adventure waiting to reveal itself in the legal technology space.

In 2008/9 I established Opus 2 and set about developing a new game-changing litigation technology platform that would leverage the increasing momentum towards Cloud technology and the usage of mobile devices among attorneys.  Opus 2 Magnum became the world’s first truly collaborative litigation platform that has been specifically designed for hands-on use by lawyers.  Its inherent simplicity has resulted in significant adoption by leading law firms, legal practitioners, as well as the courts around the globe!