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Easy-to-Use Transcript Management Software

It’s no secret that litigators are busy. Between managing clients, conducting depositions, prepping for trial, and participating in legal proceedings, they often don’t have the time, nor the inclination, to learn a new litigation support software. Opus 2 Magnum solves that problem with its easy-to-use transcript management software designed to enable legal professionals to be up and running in as little as a 15-minute training session.

Learning a new software program can be an intimidating prospect, especially when dealing with the stresses of an active case. For some people, it just seems easier to stay with the status quo, even though there are inefficiencies and workflow problems that are inherent to continuing use of inadequate software; or, in some cases, the use of old-fashioned, cumbersome paper-based methods of case analysis and trial prep.

Opus 2 Magnum mimics how lawyers work

Magnum emulates the way lawyers work on paper but without the hassles of sticky notes or other inefficient ways to handle evidentiary material and insight. Oftentimes, these markers are misplaced, making the designated passage or key insight hard to find again. Gone can be the days of flipping through binders and banker boxes to locate key documents and exhibits or digging through email messages in search of a particularly insightful summary from a colleague. With Magnum, evidentiary material, team annotations, chronologies and exhibits are all within immediate reach on our cloud-based collaborative platform that gives authorised users access to the most updated materials anytime and from any modern connected device.

Opus 2 is uniquely positioned to understand the frustrations you face because our staff of professionals have backgrounds in the legal realm, many as former commercial litigators and trial technology consultants—we know what you go through and thus have developed a paperless way to make your life a little easier with our state-of-the-art transcript management and collaborative case analysis software. And the best part is that it is truly easy to learn and understand with little downtime that could disrupt client services, deposition prep or trial prep.

Some emerging legal software companies claim their product is easy to learn, but can they back up those claims? We can. As an example, busy judges have become our biggest advocates touting the ease of use, advanced features and intuitive tools that help them conduct efficient hearings with little difficulty or training.

Transcript management software gaining momentum in the US

Magnum has become the de facto litigation and arbitration software in the UK and is widely adopted for arbitration in Singapore and parts of the Middle East. Even the US is gaining significant momentum as a number of top AMLaw firms are adopting Magnum as the best-in-class litigation support software for all their cases firm-wide, primarily because of its ease of use and familiar toolbox which “follows” users throughout each stage of the matter.

A single toolbox enables lawyers and co-counsel to apply tags, notes, designations and hyperlinks, manage tasks and share their work product with collaborators. This same familiar toolbox follows users throughout the life of the matter, from early case analysis to depositions, motions, hearings and trials. There’s no need to learn new tools right when your case is heating up. The same Magnum workspace and tools can even follow you into the hearing room to offer ultimate efficiencies and enable a digital hearing. Read our blog about The Emergence of Electronic Courtrooms.

Forget about long and boring software training workshops that consume time that could be spent on more interesting endeavors. Turn to Opus 2 Magnum to get the most out of your team’s valuable time.

Are you ready to hit the ground running?

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Migrating cases to Magnum isn’t a daunting task

Many law firms are fed-up with outdated third-party legal technology software that doesn’t have the tools they need. However, when it comes to the prospect of upgrading to a better, faster and more efficient software, they can be a bit nervous to embark on what they may consider the onerous task of transferring cases from one platform to another–and, most importantly, have it converted correctly. Now it is easier than ever to safely move active and archived cases from those ineffective software programs to Opus 2 Magnum™ transcript management software.

Ask IT professionals who have had to conduct a migration of data from one platform to another and chances are they will have a horror story or two to tell. But we’ve proven that migration of your litigation software cases doesn’t have to be a daunting task with Magnum’s transfer and conversion process. We understand how crucial your data is to your daily work and so we are diligent in safeguarding it during the migration of case information from under-performing software to Magnum’s state-of-the-art platform. From protecting your data at the first stage to project completion, our team of experts takes care of all the details—all within the projected deadline.

Though no problems or glitches are anticipated, the original database is left intact, both for quality control purposes after the migration, and to give clients peace of mind that their crucial evidentiary materials are safe and accessible during the transition period.

Migrating data and work product to our case analysis software

The scope of the migration is up to you. We work in tandem with your team to determine what cases and elements of those cases you want to have migrated. Documents, transcripts, exhibits, hyperlinks, work product, annotations, and designations, for example, are seamlessly and successfully transferred to reside on the secure Magnum cloud platform.

Opus 2 puts into place several layers of quality control that are spearheaded by our IT professionals, quality control team, and customer care department. The engineers and developers compare data from your original under-performing database to the new cases; project managers and client success teams review the content for any issues or visual inconsistencies; then clients review the data as the final QC.

During the migration, users are trained on the Magnum platform so they can hit the ground running when the project is complete.

Satisfied clients who experienced the speed and accuracy of the Opus 2 Magnum migration include a top AmLaw 100 firm based in New York City. In this instance, nearly 3,000 transcripts and associated links, plus a multitude of documents for 74 cases firm-wide were successfully migrated, converted and quality checked for accuracy within the projected timeframe and with no disruption of business or trial preparation for the nearly 200 users who depended upon a seamless migration.

“Opus 2 did an excellent job of migrating our active and archived cases to the Magnum platform quickly and painlessly – and ahead of schedule. I was really impressed by how smoothly our data and work product transferred to the new system so that our attorneys could log in and resume work when our legacy software license expired.”



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