Distinctive Transcription Services for the Most Distinguished Matters

Whilst other software companies may enter the legal space and claim to offer tools for managing transcripts, none of them can match the incredible experience with transcription and transcripts that Opus 2 brings to the table, as evidenced by Opus 2 founder and CEO Graham Smith-Bernal’s extensive involvement in the field. Graham started his career as a highly-respected court stenographer for the UK courts. Later, he innovated realtime transcription as a means to further differentiate his services. This technology became the most widely-used litigation support software of any kind prior to Graham selling that software company in 2006.

Graham’s work as a stenographer and transcription-technology expert led to many interesting events, assignments and projects, which he handled with skill and professionalism.

The Iron Lady

Graham founded his transcription services business in the mid-80s at just 23 years of age, and his company quickly demonstrated how to apply pioneering technology as a service differentiator. About a year later, upon becoming the leading court reporting company outside of the US, Graham was presented with an intriguing service inquiry. The person was aware of his business reputation and service level and so thought Graham would be up to the task of serving as the stenographer at the interview of a particular VIP for the German magazine Der Spiegel. Graham had the cache and reputation to be trusted with this very special job.

During this time, Britain was celebrating its hard-won victory over Argentina in the Falklands War. The UK’s Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher (aka the Iron Lady) was particularly popular and much sought after as the headliner for articles, interviews and public affairs events. She turned out to be the mysterious VIP Der Spiegel had slated for the article and Graham was entrusted with attending and transcribing the high-profile interview.

The only people in attendance at this exclusive interview at 10 Downing Street were Graham, Margaret Thatcher and the journalists. After a long and intriguing session, Graham had to turn around the final English transcript that afternoon so that it could be translated into German for immediate publication in Der Spiegel magazine. Though the task was monumental, Graham expediently completed the assignment with integrity and accuracy – the hallmarks of his service and that of his subsequent business ventures. You can read the English version of the Der Spiegel article here: http://www.margaretthatcher.org/document/105872.

Of course, this is just one example of when Graham was called upon to offer his expertise in high-profile matters. See our blog about his involvement in the notorious OJ Simpson case and watch for future articles on his work with other prominent politicians and celebrities.

International Reputation for Court Reporting Excellence

Today, Graham’s Opus 2 International company is known for excellence and providing gold-standard transcription service worldwide. Opus 2 International is called upon to deliver premier court reporting throughout the UK, Europe, Asia and the Middle East every day. This includes US clients who need to take depositions outside of the US.

Opus 2 has recently been awarded the most wide-ranging government contracts for the provision of transcription services in the UK, more than any other tendering company. The appointments enable Opus 2 to continue as an official provider of transcription services for civil matters and inquiries in the UK, a position held by the company’s digital transcription division for over forty years.

Proven Pedigree

Now we aren’t telling you these high achievements to boast—well, maybe we are, but for very good reason. We realise that you have a choice when it comes to service and software providers; however, we have the proven experience to be your best choice. We are continually called upon to provide transcription services for high stakes litigation as well as sensitive public inquires.

Whilst Graham no longer sits at the steno machine in the hearing room, he is at the helm of a dynamic company that continually seeks to innovate and differentiate. One of those innovations is the Opus 2 Magnum software that has changed the game for transcript management and case analysis in the US, the UK and Singapore.

Simply put: other software companies may attempt to develop similar software, but they can’t match Opus 2’s experience.

For more information about Opus 2 software and services, please email contact@opus2.com, or call one of our international offices directly.