Improving the Practice of Law from Case Inception to Resolution

Opus 2 Magnum has gained incredible momentum since its debut during the landmark case Berezovsky v Abramovich in 2011.  Due to its clear value both in the trial preparation phase and at the trial itself, Magnum is now used on nearly all large-scale litigation and arbitration in the UK and increasingly in Europe and Asia.  Though it is a proven powerhouse in the hearing room with fully integrated evidence display and transcript management tools, Magnum has also gained an impressive following of lawyers in the UK who use the litigation support and case analysis software in the early stages of the case, similar to how it is used in the US.

Paperless proceedings AND paperless preparation

US lawyers generally use Magnum long before entering the hearing room to facilitate meaningful collaboration among team members, especially during deposition prep, early stage motions, and in parallel with eDiscovery review platforms. Via multiple integrations, clients can pull key documents from their eDiscovery software to review and annotate them alongside deposition transcripts, facts and work product in the Magnum workspace. Witness statements and evidence can be previewed alongside other transcripts and exhibits to identify discrepancies or compare how different people testified to the same material. And, advanced query features allow for searches across key documents and transcripts to easily pinpoint probative information that may be critical to the case analysis. For those cases that progress to the trial phase, the same workspace follows the team into the hearing room, providing easy access to all the key documents, deposition exhibits, synced video and work product from earlier phases.

Two proven paths to adopting the same game-changing technology

In the UK, the growth of Magnum has taken the inverse path: first revolutionising the hearing room and now being used much earlier in the case as well. By initiating use of Magnum earlier in UK cases, teams can collaborate effectively from the outset of proceedings, through the disclosure process (drawing down the key documents from the eDisclosure platform into the secured workspace), onto trial preparation and at the trial itself. Magnum now helps users in the UK to prepare legal arguments and build other bespoke bundles swiftly and painlessly, similarly to how US attorneys use the platform to prepare for depositions.

Collaborate with colleagues on a shared set of materials

All evidentiary materials, including key documents, transcripts, exhibits, video and research all reside in a secure workspace that empowers case analysis teams and other legal professionals to organise and create their legal argument. Accessible via any internet-connected device, the workspace allows authorised users to collaborate and share brilliant insights with colleagues for consideration and additional input. Essential thoughts and strategy remain with one central set of documents rather than dispersed across multiple hardcopy versions, thus eliminating the chance of losing key analysis from earlier in the matter, or dealing with the painful process of bundle inserts from couriers.

Legal case preparation becomes more efficient

Greater efficiencies are revealed when using Magnum in the early-stages of case preparation.  Case teams can collaborate more easily on the most current content, which resides in the shared workspace. Creating bi-directional, strategic links between transcripts and key documents is accomplished through one, easy-to-use toolbox that is utilised as the case progresses from inception to completion.

Confidence that your team is ready for trial in the UK

In the final weeks preceding trial, when the trial bundle index is agreed by the parties, the documents in Magnum are re-organised and paginated in accordance with that index. Using Magnum’s unique workspace structure, the parties’ private annotations and analysis created in the system in the earlier stages of proceedings are then mapped across to each of the parties’ private versions of those trial bundle documents.

During the trial or hearing, the realtime transcript is displayed alongside the final bundle in a dynamic workspace where authorised team members collaborate and conduct the live proceedings. A clean copy of the evidence is displayed on dedicated electronic presentation of evidence (EPE) screens, and when the document is called for the court, Magnum users can immediately view their own versions of the documents – including all of their annotations from the outset of the matter – on their personal laptops.

The progression to trial in the US is a bit different, but both UK and US clients agree that Opus 2 Magnum facilitates incredible efficiencies during litigation.

Rely upon the tried and true method of early stage use

Magnum has consistently proven its value in many venues throughout the world, especially during paperless hearings, arbitrations and public inquiries. Early stage use of Magnum achieves greater security of evidentiary materials and yields greater efficiencies as cases progress through their lifecycle. We encourage you to take advantage of the incredible capabilities and cost saving measures Magnum offers from the post-disclosure phase through to when the matter is decided.

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