A key mission for Opus 2 is to streamline workflows and create new efficiencies for legal teams, legal support professionals and law firm IT professionals. How do we do accomplish this important task? We listen to our clients.

Subsequent to the valuable feedback gained from frequent discussions with our users, we are pleased to announce the release of Opus 2 Magnum 6.2 to the US market. Though Magnum has always been “best-in-class” in the realm of transcript management and case analysis software, we have improved upon its capabilities to take you to the next level of efficiency. A number of incredible new features and tools are now available to our clients, whether through enterprise license or on a case-by-case basis.

Electronic exhibit stickers save time and effort

Our newest version of the US enterprise platform includes the game-changing ability to create and apply virtual stickers directly on exhibits—no more hand-applying stickers and pre-marking exhibits or using third-party software to accomplish this time-consuming process. This is without a doubt one of the most exciting new features we are rolling out, and it is set to revolutionise the way legal staff prepare exhibits. Now you can create the custom electronic stamps with multiple metadata fields, define their default appearance, and drag and drop them on pages right in the Magnum workspace! You even have options for how the stickers will appear, such as rotation, borders, padding, colour, font and page position. The properties panel for each style controls the default settings, such as whether the selected stamp will appear on all documents and all exports or not. Think of the time savings this feature alone will garner. Click here to see a quick demo of the smart stickering tool.

Improved video handling

Magnum has always been able to automatically create video clips of transcript designations and make them available for export. Now, video clips can be exported as individual clips as well as a single continuous clip.   And, Magnum 6.2 supports multiple export and compression types (MPEG and MP4) for optimal compatibility with downstream tools.  The new Video Uploader has simplified the queuing of multiple video files for import. Large video uploads are possible while maintaining minimal use of system resources. the files now appear in alphabetical order for easier location.

Search from anywhere

A new global search field has been added to the top of the workspace, enabling users to execute keyword searches from every Magnum screen. It’s always been simple to search for documents, transcripts and exhibits within Magnum, we just wanted to make it a little more convenient for our users. This is just an example of how we continue to make your Magnum experience as easy and productive as possible.

We understand that it is the little tweaks and adjustments that may make a big difference in how you use our software. In response to user feedback, we have made the brackets for transcript designations more prominent. For instance, if there are overlapping designations, it is now easier to differentiate between them with the thicker brackets, thus quick analysis becomes a breeze.

With version 6.2, our enterprise platform clients gain a couple of extra new features. In addition to the virtual exhibit tool, enterprise users will be able to utilise our new branding and customisation features that incorporate the law firm’s logo into selected interfaces. These two features alone are worth the jump from case-by-case to one of our enterprise licensing options. If you would like to explore these options further, we would love to hear from you. Contact us to schedule a demo.

So, there you have it. The latest and greatest of Magnum—at least for now! You can be sure that we won’t sit on our laurels, your firm’s business is far too important for that.